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Gilbert, AZ and Queen Creek, AZ


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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our doctors see patients of all ages, perform thorough health evaluations, and can treat minor eye infections and injuries, seven days per week (in Gilbert) and M-Sat in Queen Creek.


Contact Lenses

Our doctors have over 50 years combined experience fitting contact lenses.  Fittings for soft, RGP (rigid gas permeable), toric, multifocal, or monovision contact lenses, with most trials available to try the same day as your exam!

We can also change the color of your eyes with Air Optix Colors lenses!

Vision Therapy

Our doctors have a separate business called Vision Enhancement Center, where they treat patients with special eye problems such as "Lazy Eye", strabismus (eye turns), neurological conditions, traumatic brain injury, and help those with reading problems associated with these conditions.  They can also improve upon a healthy visual system to decrease response times, improve eye-hand coordination, and increase depth perception, and these things can lead to vast improvements in athletics.

For more information, check out the website:

Retinal Imaging

We have added the Optomap Retinal Imaging  System to our office.  This instrument allows for approximately 80% of the back of the eye to be digitally imaged, compared to the 30% seen during a normal routine eye examination.

This is technology usually seen only in Retinal Specialist offices, but due to a special lease program offered to Target Optical doctors, we can bring state of the art retinal imaging to our patients!

**This is only available at our Gilbert store currently